What types and models of fireplaces exist?

What types and models of fireplaces exist?

As we have already mentioned in other posts, there are numerous types of fireplaces from which we can choose. All of them have a series of common advantages, in addition to some others that make them more suitable according to certain conditions. In this article, we want to briefly review the main models of fireplaces that are currently available.

Different types of fireplaces

Wood fireplaces

When we talk about fireplaces, the wood ones are the ones that come to mind most frequently. They are usually made of construction materials such as bricks and fireproof cement, which is why we commonly call them masonry fireplaces. Although you can also find cast iron or sheet metal wood fireplaces, usually known as cassette or insert, which can also go inside masonry fireplaces.

The main advantage of these fireplaces is the fuel they use to heat. Wood is a renewable and ecological material, as well as cheaper than other fuels.

Also, the environment created by a wood fireplace is very cozy, which is why it is often used as a decorative element.

Gas fireplaces

The main advantage of gas fireplaces is that they do not generate waste, so they are cleaner. As they do not produce ash or soot, they can be placed openly without needing to install doors that reduce particles, although they can also be added to prevent the flames from causing any fires.

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Another advantage is that gas fireplaces light up much faster than wood ones, plus the flame can be adjusted much quicker and more effectively.

Electric fireplaces

Probably the least known and used, as they tend to be more decorative. Electric fireplaces are very similar to stoves, with the exception that they have the appearance of traditional fireplaces. They often feature a front that simulates burning wood, with fake flames produced by lights, usually LED, which flicker as fire would when consuming logs.

Electric fireplaces have no flame, so they are safer. They also do not generate steam or gases, like wood and gas ones do. However, they are the least efficient in terms of energy consumption to emit the same heat as these.

Pellet fireplaces

The pellet fireplaces have also become fashionable. Pellets are a high-energy efficiency recycled material. They are very clean and relatively economical for the performance they offer.

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Other types of fireplaces

There are other different types of fireplaces, each with different functions. For example, ethanol fireplaces have become fashionable for placement as decorations and heating in small spaces, an ecological fuel that is usually used in small decorative fireplaces that are placed as centerpieces.

Other fireplaces are coal ones, same as the wood ones except that they use coal, which is dirtier. They are usually used in outdoor spaces, like patios, where they take advantage to have barbecues.

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