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The importance of a good crystal makes a difference

How is the crystal measured?

We simply need Height and Width of the space where you want to place the glass.

Benefits of the crystal

By placing a custom glass for your fireplace, it guarantees a better redistribution of heat.

A protective glass for the chimney

Having a glass in the chimney in addition to improving refractory heat, also guarantees extra protection.

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Glass for chimney doors

The glass for chimney doors is very different from any other glass because it supports temperatures of more than 500 degrees. It doesn’t get damaged at all. In addition, there are other reasons why this is a highly recommended material to cover up the chimney and enjoy a more efficient heating system.

Each glass it is cut with the measure of the door where it is going to be placed. There are no boards nor cracks where the heat escape because it is done in just one piece. It is also installed in the made-to-measure doors of the chimney where it is going to be placed. They can even manufacture curved glass for chimneys in very specific forms. Even though normally we adapt the door to the home and put a straight door because it is more practical and easier to install.

The glass for chimneys has a high degree of transparency. This enables the inside to be seen with the same clarity as you clean any other glass. The clarity remains despite the years of the door.


Glass-ceramic characteristics

Evidently, when we talk about a glass for chimney, we refer to any type of glass. It is about a glass-ceramic. It is capable of resisting high temperatures in a constant way without alterations. Differently, the door efficiency will be lost.

The glasses for chimneys support temperatures of more than 500 º C in a constant way. Even reaching amounts of 800 without any problems. This means that you can directly expose a glass to fire. Once the fire is off it in the glass it would absolutely not be noticed. Except for maybe the rest of ashes that remain.

Another feature of the glass-ceramic is its transparency. Despite its treatment against fire the inside of the chimney it is seen with absolute clarity. As if there was nothing in front. This enables to enjoy the warm and cozy that a burning chimney offers without its inconvenients. Such as the lost of the heat or the residues that may stain elements of the indoors’ stay.

For that matter, it is also an advantage to install a glass for chimney at the door.

The cleaning it is very simple because the glass is cleaned in the same way as it was of any other type. Along with a damp cloth you can retire the rest of ashes even in the heat. Glass cleaners can be used by cold and a soft cloth to keep the door in perfect conditions.


Advantages of installing a glass door in the chimney

The installation of the glass door in a chimney has numerous advantages. The first one, the energetic efficiency. Considering that the heat distributes uniformly through the stay. The lost is much lower to the one of the open chimney.

Being made-to-measure manufactured it doesn’t matter the chimney’s size. The door will adapt perfectly to the gap that it has. Because of this, it is not necessary to make any fitting as it happens in other systems.

Finally, a glass door enables to have everything under control. With a simple glance you know if the chimney is on, if you have enough firewood. In addition, if it is consuming adequately. All that, without the necessity of opening the door to check it. Without losing heat and unnecessarily risking.


A glass door is the best solution to enjoy your chimney’s heat and the flames spectacle. You can buy it here.


Energetic efficiency without renouncing the aesthetic

The best of this material is that enables to convert any chimney in an efficient heating system without implying to change its decorative aspect.

It keeps the house warm during winter saving an important amount of combustible. Normally firewood or coal. Even though, it can also be used in: gas fireplace, biomass or pellet. The chimneys are aesthetic elements that are frequently chosen for this reason. In addition, the effect of the smouldering fire is really mesmerizing. Thus, it doesn’t make any sense to sacrifice the aesthetic to save money. Specially, having materials that permit doing it without changing the decorative element that the chimney has.


Nowadays there are few new chimneys that don’t count with a good door to reduce the quantity of combustible that consumes. Even though not all of them have a glass-ceramic incorporated the ones that have it influence the decoration significantly. In the case of antique chimneys, a made-to-measure door with glass makes them more efficient and gives them a modern effect.