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The difference between a bespoke door and inserts or cassettes for fireplaces

The difference between a bespoke door and an insert or cassette is that the latter come ready-made and are intended for a fireplace to be built around them. When an insert or cassette is installed in an existing fireplace, it is necessary to break the hood in order to insert the pipework leading up to the roof; moreover, it is always necessary to install an insert that is smaller than the existing space, and then carry out filling-in work afterwards.

However, a bespoke door can be made to fit the measurements of an existing fireplace, meaning no structural work is necessary and installation is easy.

Characteristics of our bespoke doors

Our bespoke doors make it possible to regulate the inflow of air, thereby ensuring that much of the heat stays within the room, rather than being lost up the flue. The “funnelling” effect of open fires means that, although we feel warm when we are next to the fire due to the heat radiated from the flames, the hot air emerging from the fireplace is replaced by air that is drawn into the room via the joins around the windows and doors. For this reason, when the fire is on and we move away from it, we feel significantly colder near windows and doors. However, by regulating the inflow of air we are able to supply the fire with just the right amount of oxygen for the type of combustion we require, and we immediately receive the radiation from the fire thanks to the vitro-ceramic plate, which can withstand temperatures of up to 760ºC. This allows us to save firewood and keep the room at a consistent temperature.

The energy savings are considerable, due to the fact that cool air no longer enters via the window and door joins and the fact that up to three or four times less firewood is consumed.

This system also prevents smoke from entering the room and is much safer for children, given that hot coals cannot fall out of the grate and set fire to the carpet, flooring or nearby furniture or curtains. This also prevents the room from becoming dirty and smoky, helping you to keep it cleaner.


Installation is very simple, A series of screws are affixed inside the fireplace and fireproof putty is applied around the edge of the frame. The fire thus becomes fully enclosed, with the exception of the hatch for regulating the inflow of oxygen.