Wood-burning fireplaces: pros and cons

Wood-burning fireplaces: pros and cons

Before deciding to install a fireplace, it is advisable to know the main advantages and possible drawbacks of each of the types you find in the market. On other occasions, we have already talked in a general way about the characteristics of the main fireplaces that we can find today. In this article we are going to focus specifically on the fireplaces that use wood as fuel.

Advantages of having a wood-burning fireplace

Despite the advances in heating, firewood remains a relatively inexpensive material, besides being ecological because it is a renewable energy source, which uses the pruned branches of trees when it comes time to clean up forests, grasslands and even cities. These branches are classified and prepared to be used as fuel. You can also go out into the field to collect firewood, which further reduces the price.

Another point in favor is that firewood allows cooking, giving a very characteristic flavor to the ingredients that are prepared on the grill or the grill. It is also a saving measure, as it cooks and heats the room at the same time.

On the other hand, wood-burning fireplaces are very decorative. Even the stacks of firewood next to the fireplace are a very attractive ornamental element that gives a rustic touch that is much appreciated.

Can I install a wood-burning fireplace in my apartment?

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Cons of Wood Fireplaces

However, not everything is beneficial. There are also some not-so-positive points to consider before deciding on a wood fireplace. For example, it is not possible to install them in a small room, as it requires a specific space to locate it, as well as a free area to prevent what is around from being affected by the intense heat. It needs good ventilation, and that is not possible if the room forces you to place the furniture very close to the fireplace.

Regarding space, it is also necessary to think about a place to store the wood with which we will feed our fireplace. Ideally, you should be able to have one large enough to stack what is necessary for the entire season, something that is not always possible.

Wood fireplaces cannot be moved from one place to another, as they need to be installed and have a smoke outlet, so you need to think very carefully about where it will be located. This conditions the way in which all the elements in the room are placed.

wood burning fireplaces

One last aspect that can be considered negative when compared to other types of stoves is the maintenance they require. Wood stoves need frequent cleaning, as the amount of waste they generate as a result of burning wood is quite high. In fact, it is recommended to remove at least the tray or the remains from the bottom every day before lighting it again.

How to install a wood-burning fireplace

Now that you know more closely the good and not so good about this type of fireplaces, you are in a position to make a decision.

Very decorative and practical fireplaces

In modern construction there is something that prevails above all else: that everything in a room fulfills a function, but at the same time contributes to decoration. Wood-burning fireplaces perfectly meet these requirements, as there is nothing more decorative than a good fire consuming in the home. The glass for fireplaces also allows you to enjoy this image without problems. And when it’s off, the fireplace remains an ornamental element.

Fireplace door with double leaf ceramic glass

Clean and easy to clean

Cleaning is one of the points with which the rest of heating systems competed against wood. There is no doubt that soot and smoke are unpleasant, so some began to switch to gas stoves or electric fireplaces. But our fireplace doors solve this problem. The stains produced by combustion and even the odors disappear through the exhaust pipe, leaving only the sensation of heat produced by the wood.

In regards to chimney cleaning, a door makes the work much easier. You just need to collect the ash that remains at the bottom, or remove the tray if your model is equipped with it, clean the glass, which is recommended to do while it is still warm for it to be easier, and in a few minutes you have your chimney ready again for when you need it.

What is the ideal maintenance for your wood-burning fireplace?

More efficient than open wood fireplaces

This is a point that we never tire of repeating, because it is probably the most important when comparing heating systems. Open wood fireplaces are inefficient because air enters without control, causing the wood to burn faster than we would like. Additionally, as the airflow cannot be regulated, it is not possible to adjust the comfort temperature, making us sometimes feel cold and other times excessive heat.

On the other hand, a door allows you to adjust the air intake, controlling combustion and reducing wood consumption because it takes longer to burn. Also, it allows for better adjustment of the temperature as needed. The result is a more efficient fireplace, that allows us to enjoy a natural and ecological warmth without sacrificing the pocket.

This is how wood fireplaces with glass doors are

If you have a brick fireplace and want to convert it into a better tool against the cold. Or if you do not have one yet but you would like to enjoy the idyllic scene of a good fire, do not hesitate. Wood fireplaces with glass doors are your best option, you can buy a glass door at this link.