Characteristics of gas households

Characteristics of gas households

Gas fireplaces have become popular for several reasons. One of them is the wide variety of designs available, which can be adapted to the decoration of any room. Although they are somewhat more expensive than conventional wood or coal fireplaces, they have some peculiarities that may lead us to choose them.

Benefits of gas fireplaces

The most positive aspect of gas fireplaces is that they do not require a chimney or smoke outlet to install, as they do not emit soot or any kind of smoke. This makes them the best option for apartments that cannot have a traditional fireplace due to the lack of a suitable outlet.

To give them a similar appearance to log fireplaces, decorative logs made of fire-resistant materials are placed around the flame. There are also gas fireplaces that have stones around them. Today, at HotFireDoor, specialists in fireplace doors, we’ll tell you all about this type of fireplace.

Main features of gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces can be installed on a wall, in the style of conventional chimneys, or in corners, the center of a room, etc. This achieves an even more spectacular effect since the fire can be seen from one, two, or even three complete sides, which also increases the sensation of warmth.

Benefits and drawbacks of gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces can have various shapes. You can choose a square, an elongated fireplace, or even a round one in the form of a column. That’s why many homes decorated in a modern style choose this type of fireplace.

gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are much more comfortable than wood-burning ones. With conventional fireplaces, you have to place logs or pinecones to ignite the fire, wait for it to catch, and then adjust the heat by adding or removing fuel. With gas fireplaces, you just need to turn them on and enjoy pleasant heat without waiting.

Advantages of gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces don’t produce ash, so they are much cleaner than wood-burning ones. However, you can still enjoy the flickering flames, just like with log fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces have higher efficiency than electric fireplaces. They can generate enough heat to warm an area of 100 square meters, depending on how well the house is insulated.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of a gas fireplace is a somewhat negative factor compared to a wood-burning one. A cassette or an insert can cost up to 5 or 6 times less than a gas fireplace. However, you need to have a good chimney draft to install them.

Another peculiarity of gas fireplaces is that not everyone can install them. It is essential to always have a qualified technician install them, as poor gas combustion caused by a faulty installation or a leak could cause serious harm to the occupants of the house.

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