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Características de las puertas


Cristal vitrocerámico para chimeneas a medida


HotFireDoor instalación de puerta para chimenea sin obras


Applus laboratories
HotFiredoor fireplace with door in the Applus Laboratories test

Comparative study of a brick chimney with and without HotFireDoor enclosure

It’s not us who say it, but Applus. Our chimney doors have passed a rigorous quality and efficiency examination, to guarantee the best performance in fireplaces.

Determination of efficiency, performance, emissions and envelope temperature, for a brick chimney without and with an enclosure.

A HotFireDoor enclosure system was received, consisting of a front chimney door and a grill for collecting ashes.

And on the other hand, an open fireplace made of refractory brick fed with wood.

Better than an Insert or a Cassette for chimneys

In HotFireDoor we like to provide security and reliability to the safety of homes and that is why we are a manufacturer of doors for fireplaces. We provide you with our high quality products, made with raw materials so that you and yours can enjoy a good heat with total confidence.

Custom doors for fireplaces

Our doors are made to measure which guarantees an easy installation and a perfect finish for your fireplace and leaving aside the insert or cassette that are already manufactured and that, in many occasions, can cause that your installation does not match the hole and then It is necessary to make arrangements so that its support is the most appropriate and thus making the final result not as expected. It is for this reason that we recommend our fireplace doors ideal for all types of installations and that does not require any type of work, thereby facilitating your work.

HotFireDoor doors for fireplaces

From HotFireDoor we will send our doors to anywhere in Europe, all in a fast and safe way for you. Being made to measure you can regulate with them the entry of air and thus avoiding unnecessary loss of hot air in the place where the fireplace is located. The glass doors bring the necessary amount of oxygen to the fire for perfect combustion. The glass-ceramic glass that makes up the fireplace door can support a maximum of 760ºC and this is one of the ideal characteristics of these doors to help you save considerable firewood and keep the room at a constant temperature. Not forgetting that this system favors the concern for the environment because it is a guarantee of sustainability for a more ecological and efficient ecosystem.

Security with our fireplace doors

Perfect glass doors that will make you enjoy an ideal vision of fire always with the assurance that you and your family will have no danger and enjoy efficient and reliable heat in your home. Adding its great advantage in reducing spending on raw materials for combustion. From HotFireDoor we are always attentive to the latest developments and we will be providing all kinds of information you need regarding our products. Our budgets are fully individualized and customized to each type of need. If you are looking for security in your home and considerable savings, do not hesitate, here you have found the perfect place.