Types of wood-fired kitchens and ovens

Types of wood-fired kitchens and ovens

One of the most traditional methods of cooking has been the use of firewood to create a fire for roasting food. In fact, it is highly likely that the discovery of how to make food more digestible and enjoyable to eat is related to the uses that heat has been given throughout history. Then came the specializations, such as deciding what firewood to use for cooking, depending on the type of food or the nuances desired for each one.

The evolution of cooking systems led to the invention of stoves, which are quite different from those before. Although there are also models of stoves and ovens that use firewood for cooking, achieving a double result, as cooking can also keep a house warm. Let’s take a look at some models of wood-fired stoves and ovens.

The traditional wood-fired oven

Wood-fired ovens have been used in many homes and restaurants. In the past, villages had an oven where bread was baked for the neighbors. Once the batch was finished, people could use the remaining heat, which was more than enough for baking pastries and other recipes.

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Today, we can find ovens of this type with more or less modernized styles in rustic grills, pizzerias, and, of course, artisan bakeries. There are even smaller ovens for homes, where you can cook using the heat from firewood or charcoal, depending on the preferred type of fuel.

Wood-fired ovens can come in many shapes and materials. Some are made of refractory brick, although it is more common nowadays for them to have a metal body and a door, similar to traditional gas stoves, but replacing the gas connection with a container where firewood is placed and ignited.

Wood-burning stoves with integrated oven

In the section of domestic models, wood-burning stoves with an integrated oven are the most common. These can be placed outdoors, where you can cook as if it were a barbecue, or indoors, as an auxiliary kitchen or for use at any time. In this case, you will need to prepare a chimney so that the smoke produced when lighting the fire can escape and not become a problem.

Wood-burning stove with integrated oven, La Nórdica Extraflame brand

Wood-burning stove with integrated oven, La Nórdica Extraflame brand

Wood-burning stoves are truly beautiful, so they are often used as decorative elements in rustic kitchens, always taking care that no wooden furniture is exposed to the intense heat they generate. Although they are usually finished in black, some can be of another color, ranging from dark green to intense red.

If you want to give your kitchen a different touch, you will surely find a wood-burning model that matches your decor. You can enjoy the incomparable heat produced by a fireplace and cook at the same time. Can you ask for more?

Double Combustion Wood Stoves: Wood and Gas or Wood and Electric

Double combustion wood stoves are a versatile and modern option that combine the characteristics and advantages of two different energy sources: wood and gas or wood and electricity.

These stoves are designed to provide maximum functionality, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of both types of fuel in a single unit.

Double Combustion Wood Stove by DeManincor

Double Combustion Wood Stove by DeManincor

Wood and Gas

  • Convenience: The use of gas allows for quick ignition and precise temperature control, while wood provides a smoky and authentic flavor to food.
  • Energy savings: The combination of wood and gas enables energy savings, as users can alternate between both fuels according to their needs and preferences.
  • Design: These stoves come in a variety of designs and styles to fit different spaces and tastes.

Wood and Electric

  1. Flexibility: The electric option provides quick ignition and precise cooking, while wood brings a unique flavor and a traditional cooking experience.
  2. Energy efficiency: The combination of wood and electricity provides an energetically efficient solution, especially in areas where gas supply is not available or limited.
  3. Design: Similar to wood and gas stoves, wood and electric stoves are available in a wide range of styles and designs to fit any decoration or space.

Types of materials used

Stainless steel wood-fired oven

Stainless steel wood-fired ovens are a modern and durable choice that offers excellent heat retention and corrosion resistance. They are easy to clean and maintain, and their sleek design adapts to any outdoor space. Generally, they are lighter than masonry ovens, making them easier to transport and install.

Stainless Steel Wood-Fired Oven by Alfa

Stainless Steel Wood-Fired Oven by Alfa

Steel or Cast Iron Wood-Fired Oven

They have a metal support that surrounds the oven and provides a stable and sturdy base. The metal structure can be made of steel or cast iron and usually includes wheels for easy mobility. These ovens are optimal for outdoor spaces and can be an excellent choice for those looking for a portable but sturdy oven.

Masonry wood-fired oven (refractory bricks and/or stone)

These ovens are solid and durable constructions made of refractory bricks and/or stone. They offer excellent heat retention and even temperature distribution, resulting in efficient and tasty cooking. Usually, these ovens are custom-built and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They are designed for those seeking a traditional and permanent wood-fired oven.

Horno de leña de mampostería de Alfarería Zamora

Alfarería Zamora’s masonry wood-fired oven

Wood-burning stove with clay oven

Wood-burning stoves with clay ovens combine the functionality of a wood-burning stove with an artisanal clay oven. The clay oven, built with clay and other natural materials, is known for its ability to retain heat and provide slow and even cooking. This type of stove is designed for those seeking an ecological and traditional solution for cooking, roasting, and baking.

Refractory concrete wood-fired oven

These are pre-built units that are delivered ready to install, which makes assembly easy and fast. They are usually made of refractory materials, such as refractory concrete, which ensures excellent heat retention and even temperature distribution.