Tips for lighting the fireplace

Tips for lighting the fireplace

If you have never lit a fireplace before, you may have doubts about the best ways to do it. You might think it can’t be that complicated, although you may have heard about different methods to do it. In this article, we want to give you some tips to safely and effectively light your fireplace with little effort, so you can enjoy the warmth of your home as quickly as possible.

Today, in the post by HotFireDoor, fireplace doors, we talk about how to light a fireplace. All the tips, steps to follow, and materials to use. If you want to light a fireplace optimally, keep reading this post.

First steps to light a fireplace

In any case, the most important thing is to arrange the firewood correctly. To do this, create a kind of cabin by placing branches in a way that leaves space underneath. This way, you can light your fireplace more effectively.

Make sure the branches are not too thin or too thick. It is also important that they are well dried since damp branches not only do not light well but also produce a lot of smoke, which is very annoying.

What to use to light the fireplace

Lighting with papers

Create a ball of newspaper about the size of your fist. Do not squeeze it too tightly, as it will not light well. Set fire to the ball and place it inside the fireplace below the twigs you have previously placed. The paper will quickly ignite and make the branches ignite as well. When the fire starts to rise, carefully place a log on top, allowing the fire to start catching on it. Add more logs as necessary.

Tricks to light the fireplace

If for any reason you see that the branches do not ignite, blow lightly towards the fire to increase the flame.

Ignition tablets

Ignition tablets are very practical. You just need to light one and throw it into the fireplace for everything to start burning, although it’s better to light a couple of them and make sure they fall in the center. That way, you’ll get the fire to feed faster.

Tricks to light the fireplace

Corks with alcohol

This homemade trick is also very effective. Save all the cork stoppers from the bottles you use in a container with denatured alcohol. When you need to light a fire, you just have to take out one of the corks and light it. Be very careful because they catch fire quickly, and if you don’t do it fast, you can burn your fingers.

With matches

You can perfectly light the fireplace with a couple of matches. You just have to light them and throw them on the branches for the fire to catch, although you may need to repeat the process a couple of times.

Tricks to light the fireplace

There are also matches with longer sticks, specifically designed for this type of fire. They are lit and can be placed on the branches until the fire catches, so it is not necessary to light more than one match to start the fire.

What firewood is best for lighting the fireplace?

Depending on the type of firewood, the fire will last longer or shorter and you will have to do more chimney cleaning. For example, pine wood is the cheapest, but it also burns the shortest and produces more residue because it releases a lot of resin and does not create embers. On the other hand, harder woods like olive and almond make the fire last longer.