Closing the chimney with a door: These are its advantages!

Closing the chimney with a door: These are its advantages!

In many households, the fireplace has become a mere decoration. In others, it is a fundamental part of the house, as it is the way to achieve a comfortable temperature in winter more economically than with electric appliances. In any case, closing the fireplace with a door has a series of advantages that make it the best option. If you have a fireplace and use it frequently, or even if it’s just a decoration, a door is highly recommended, and we’ll tell you why.

First of all, fireplace doors are more popular than ever. In fact, many builders incorporate a closed fireplace with a glass door into their plans, as it is much more decorative according to current trends. So, the first reason to close the fireplace is purely aesthetic, although this is just a curiosity.

Converting an Open Fireplace into a Closed One

Do you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace? Are you thinking of buying a cassette fireplace or replacing it with another one? To improve your home’s energy efficiency, safety, and cleanliness, you don’t need to change your fireplace, you just need to convert your open fireplace into a closed one. Is it easy? More than you think. You just need to take measurements of the fireplace and request a quote from HotFireDoor without obligation to close the fireplace with a glass door.

How to cover the fireplace with glass.

Measuring a Fireplace

A Closed Fireplace is Much More Efficient and Safe

When you have a door covering the fire in your home, you reduce the risk of a spark jumping and causing a fire, or simply ruining the carpet. A closed fireplace allows us to go out shopping, go to sleep, or leave the room without worrying about what might happen.

Another benefit is economic. By being able to control the airflow that enters the chimney, the logs are burned much more efficiently, resulting in less fuel consumption and significant savings.

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Closing the chimney with a door is cleaner

Whether you use it or not, closed chimneys are much cleaner. When you light a fire and leave it open, it is normal for soot and smoke marks to accumulate on the walls, and a gray powder usually covers much of the room. Even when not in use, debris can accumulate through the chimney, which requires occasional cleaning.

All of this is eliminated with a door. Soot and soot marks don’t appear because nothing comes out into the room, it all goes up the chimney or stays in the bottom of the fireplace. And when it’s closed, even if there’s something inside, it can’t be seen, so the problem is solved. And best of all, these doors have a no construction installation.

The History of the Chimney

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Enjoy your closed chimney

For efficiency, cleanliness, and safety, as well as being a decorative trend, you should have your chimney closed with a door. It doesn’t matter if you light it for a short time, use it every day, or barely remember that you have it. Also, by being able to use a door with glass for fireplaces, you can enjoy the incomparable image of the fire consuming the wood as if it were an open fireplace.

Advantages of closing your chimney

Closing off your chimney is very advantageous. Both in terms of energy and economics, two concepts that actually go hand in hand in this type of installation. And we’re not just talking about wood-burning fireplaces, as gas and other fuel fireplaces can also benefit from having a good closure.

The fuel consumption in a chimney is very high when the opening is unobstructed. The air intake is very large, which increases combustion and causes it to burn much faster. This translates into a greater need for firewood, coal or gas, without a significant improvement in the heat in the rooms where the fireplace is located. Installing fireplace doors allows for:

Enclosing the fireplace is also a way to prevent dirt. Lighting a fireplace is undoubtedly a pleasure, but it is also a source of suspended waste that inevitably settles in the surroundings, as well as in other areas. Even when the draft is perfect, it is impossible to prevent soot from getting inside. If the fireplace is enclosed, this problem does not occur. The waste is concentrated inside, making cleaning easier.

How can you tell if a chimney is drawing properly?

Enclosing without construction work is possible

Enclosing a fireplace is not only possible, but also simple. With a drill and the right materials, a closed and efficient fireplace can be achieved in just a few hours. You just need to drill the sides at the right points, install a door and seal the inside for a perfect closure. Once the sealing putty is dry, you can start enjoying a cleaner, more efficient fireplace with unbeatable energy performance. All without altering the structure of the building, without touching the interior, and with the best results.

Regarding the price, compared to other enclosure systems, it is very economical, as all that is needed is a frame to hold the vitreous ceramic glass for fireplaces. Coupled with the fuel savings produced, it is not only not expensive, but it pays for itself in a very short time.

You’ll notice the difference

Enclosing your fireplace is one of the best investments you can make, both economically and energetically. You will be able to enjoy a comfortable, cleaner, and more efficient home without construction work and without needing anyone else to install it but yourself.