Can I have a barbecue on the balcony?

Can I have a barbecue on the balcony?

When we live in a house with a garden, one of the elements we almost always include is a barbecue. It’s great to be able to invite friends or indulge in cooking on the grill because the taste is fabulous. However, when we live in an apartment building, setting up a barbecue on the balcony can be a good alternative, although the question is whether it is allowed to use the balcony or terrace as a cooking and leisure area. Let’s look at some factors to consider.

Aspects that prevent having a barbecue on a balcony

If it is a communal balcony, it is normal not to be allowed to have a barbecue, unless the use of it is public. In other words, the barbecue can be used by all neighbors whenever they want.

In the case that the balcony is for private use and only we have access to it, building a barbecue could affect the aesthetics of the building, as it is likely that a smoke outlet has to be installed on the facade. Therefore, it would also not be possible to install a metal barbecue or a built-in one.

It is important to consider that when lit, although unlikely, sparks may jump that pose a risk to safety. So, if one does not know how to light a barbecue or the conditions cause the embers to disperse, the use of the barbecue will be strictly prohibited again.

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Finally, when it comes to a community of neighbors, it is normal to ask for permission. And if any of the people living in the building disagree, or once installed, they complain about smoke, bad odors, or some other problem, they can veto its use.

If this happens and you insist on having the barbecue, the Horizontal Property Law authorizes the president or the administrator to take legal action. Although it takes a serious situation to reach this point, it is normal to think carefully about all this before doing anything.

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When could a barbecue be used on the balcony of a building?

There are some cases in which you could have a barbecue on the balcony. Especially if it is a portable barbecue, as if we are asked to remove it, we would have no problem doing so.

You could also have a barbecue if you live on the top floor of the building. The balcony, terrace, or solarium will usually face the outside and have no elements above, so the smoke will not bother anyone. In fact, some apartment blocks have a space on the upper floors very similar to the gardens of single-family homes, allowing you to place the same elements there as if you were living in a villa.

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As you can see, the answer to the question of whether or not a barbecue can be made on the balcony depends on various factors. The height, the space, and even how you get along with your neighbors can determine if it is possible to enjoy a good grill when you have friends over at home.