What is fire and how does it work?

What is fire and how does it work?

What is fire and how does it work, from a strictly chemical point of view, an oxidation-reduction phenomenon, where the oxidizing element is oxygen, such as in any combustion process. But from a qualitative point of view, there is fire when this combustion phenomenon produces a release of light and heat of such intensity, that by the perception of our senses we say we are in the presence of a unique phenomenon: fire.

To have a clear notion of what fire would be and how it works, it is essential to talk about combustion. A chemical action of the most frequent in our daily life that is constantly produced around us. In simple terms to know how fire works, combustion is the combination of a body with ambient oxygen in a chemical process called oxidation.

History, discovery and maintenance of fire

To put it more appealingly, fire is the release of light and heat born from that combustion process. Of such magnitude for our senses, that it is of vital importance in different aspects of our existence and that it is also part of our security.

How to prevent a fire

The discovery of fire

The discovery of fire is one of the most important events in the history of humanity, since it has allowed us to evolve into what we are today and develop our intelligence.

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Fire Mastery

The mastery of fire has meant that man does not depend on natural causes to be able to use it and take advantage of it for personal benefit. The knowledge of fire has made it one of the great allies for humanity to protect itself from inhospitable climates and complicated situations. In short, fire has made man evolve and make him what he is.

Maintenance and uses of fire

But it should not be forgotten that in the past man’s use of fire was mainly based on keeping warm, cooking, defending himself from animals and creating useful tools for his daily life. Nor should we forget that, while our ancestors were alive, they did not know how to keep the fire burning because they did not know how to light it and they did not know the procedures to keep it. When it was extinguished they had to wait for another lightning strike that would produce enough energy to cause it.

Accessories and gadgets to control it

Fortunately today we have all kinds of accessories and gadgets that make fire an essential and totally accessible part of our lives. We must give the importance of this element and not neglect it at any time because, at the same time that it is a source of utility, it can also be a source of danger. You just have to know how to combine and balance.

Types, uses, and classification of fire extinguishers