How to decorate your fireplace for Christmas

How to decorate your fireplace for Christmas

Christmas is always associated with a series of elements that are also related to the cold. Snow, dry branches, and the traditional red and green colors of plants are some of them. But the fireplace is also a symbol of Christmas, as can be seen in movies and TV series. And we’re not just talking about American ones, because it is increasingly evident that fireplaces are not only for magazine-worthy houses and the cinema, but they can fit perfectly even in apartments, especially when we talk about modern gas or pellet fireplaces.

In any case, after the Christmas decoration ideas were so well received, we have prepared a new list of ideas in case you want to change it up from year to year.

Elements that should not be missing in the Christmas fireplace

We know that stockings are the traditional ornaments for every Christmas fireplace. But when you want to decorate it and light it at the same time, hanging something flammable may not be a good idea. So you have two options: either give up on hanging stockings this year, or don’t light the fireplace and endure the cold until the holidays are over. Since we imagine that neither of these options is very appealing to you, we have made a list of other classic decorations for the fireplace.

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Dry pine cones evoke that feeling of cold outside and look great on the mantel. If you don’t want them to be so plain, paint them with gold or silver spray. And you will see how nice they look next to the tree.

Something else that cannot be missing is a good number of candles. Whether you light them or not, the fireplace will have a more decorative look, and you can enjoy both the decorations and a cozy fire.

Choose your colors wisely

You should also consider the colors to decorate your fireplace with. Gold and silver, as we mentioned with the pinecones, are very festive and go well with many others such as black, white, or metallic tones like bronze. So, garlands in these colors are a great idea, especially if you also place them on the tree and other areas.

decorating a fireplace for Christmas

Red and green are very traditional and give a rustic touch to your fireplace. If you place dishes in these colors and contrast them with candles, such as a green dish and a red candle or all white candles, you’ll achieve a sensational effect.

Look for ways to innovate

The history of the fireplace and Christmas are actually quite different. In one way or another, we have used fireplaces for heating and cooking before these festivities were invented, so conventions don’t have to dictate your decoration. You can place the nativity scene on top or simply some ornaments with tinsel. You can even do away with the tree and leave the gifts next to the fireplace on the day before Christmas, after you’ve turned it off, of course.

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Decorating your fireplace following a style

One thing you should keep in mind when decorating your fireplace is to follow the style of the rest of the room. This way, you can achieve consistency and have the fireplace fully integrated into the decor. Add that unique and personal touch that only you know, but above all, don’t go overboard with the decorations. Keep in mind that if you want to have your fireplace lit in addition to decorating it, you can’t have hanging items that could cause a fire.

Traditional decoration

Although there are many ways to decorate with a Christmas style, traditional ornaments never go out of fashion. That’s why your fireplace should not be without balls, figurines, and garlands in classic colors like red or green, sprigs of mistletoe, or holly leaves. And if you have a forest nearby, you can go out and collect pine cones or leaves and fill glass vases, which you can place on the mantel of the fireplace to give it that natural touch that everyone loves.

Of course, what would a Christmas fireplace be without stockings? Absolutely nothing. So don’t forget to hang one for each family member and fill them with surprises on the night before. They look great in front of the fireplace doors.

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Decorate your fireplace with light

Having a lit fireplace might seem enough, but it doesn’t hurt to add some strings of colored bulbs. Besides, some people don’t light the fireplace when it’s surrounded by decorations.

Another option is to place candles, which will add an intimate touch to the decor. You can place them in decorated centerpieces or even choose scented candles to create a more ambient atmosphere.

Rustic decoration

If you like the rustic style, opt for decorating with natural details such as typical plants, tree branches, vibrant green ivy, or freshly picked pine needles. Another option is tree bark, which gives it an autumnal feel that blends perfectly with any other style. A couple of poinsettias, small fir trees, or something similar will beautifully complete the ensemble.

These are just some ideas, so you can choose the one you like the most and combine it with others or play around to create your own style. The important thing is to adorn your fireplace according to the occasion.

How do you plan to decorate your fireplace this year?