Curiosities about the firefighter profession that perhaps you did not know

Curiosities about the firefighter profession that perhaps you did not know

In previous articles we have talked about the source of fire, safety to prevent a fire or how to maintain a good temperature at home. Now I think it would be the turn of one of the fundamental actors in everything that has to do with the term: the fire brigade. Its history, its purpose and its principles.

Origin of firefighters

Although it’s hard to believe, this work was already done in ancient Rome. Today at HotFireDoor we talk in this post about firefighters and some curiosities about this job of great importance to society.

In the time of Julius Caesar. Specifically, it would be due to the actions of a rich merchant who in turn caused both fires and the one that a group sought to extinguish it. This was because he was a businessman and acted for his own benefit and if someone refused to sell him land or property he sent them to a group called “arsonists” and later, when When he obtained these properties, he sent another group to put out the arson attack. A curious way to begin the history of firefighters.

Interesting facts about firefighters

Many interesting stories could be told about the fire brigade. In reality, it is concluded that they are one of the most respected professions along with that of a doctor or teacher. Fully vocational and community service. There are two types of firefighters: professionals and volunteers.

In Europe and North America they are completely professional, that is, their work is paid. But in other places on the planet like South America, they are totally voluntary and unpaid. Being the same volunteers who contribute the money and the material to function.

Llamar a los bomberos en caso de urgencia

One of the most dangerous trades

It is curious that, despite being one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, many children when they are little dream of being firefighters or astronauts. A profession that attracts a lot of attention due to its attractiveness and paraphernalia. But we cannot ignore its primary objective. Maintain and ensure the safety of the entire population. They are the necessary complement to the services and security forces of a State. They could be called as a common good for all and that they must always work like the gears of a perfect Swiss watch.

Llamar a los bomberos en caso de urgencia

We should be grateful to these kinds of people who are fully capable of giving their lives for others. To help everyone who needs it in a dangerous situation without thinking about their own safety. Make a brief mention of entire fire brigades that have lost their lives, for example, in the attack on the twin towers in New York or when they are the first to come to the rescue in major catastrophes such as earthquakes or hurricanes.