Selection of the best wood-burning stove brands

Selection of the best wood-burning stove brands

One of the first places we turn to when choosing a wood-burning stove is usually the Internet. There, we can find information about brands and models, prices, and performance. This way, we can get an idea of which is the best purchasing option according to our needs. In this article, we want to review the 8 best wood-burning stove brands of the moment.

You should keep in mind that this is a subjective opinion of the editorial team at HotFireDoor and it may vary depending on the country, design, and energy efficiency sought. And remember, if you are looking for a glass-ceramic door for your fireplace or stove, contact us. At HotFireDoor, we are the leading company in Spain in this door model.


Bronpi Stoves

Bronpi stoves are manufactured in Spain, something that many people surely take into account when deciding. They are mainly made of quality steel and cast iron and stand out for having their own research and development laboratory where they test their products. Their wood-burning stove with an oven is one of the most recognized nationally and internationally. They release new models every year and have a wide range to choose from.

Horno de leña Bronpi


Lacunza is also a Spanish brand. Cast iron stoves are particularly noteworthy, featuring an innovative method that guarantees maximum durability through electrolysis instead of using molds like in other models.

Horno de leña Lacunza
Founded in 1963 in the region of Navarra, Spain, Lacunza has expanded its reach over the years and now distributes its products in various countries.

This company takes pride in offering high-quality, efficient, and attractively designed products. They use durable materials such as cast iron and steel. They strive to comply with emissions and energy efficiency standards in the countries where they distribute their products by incorporating technologies such as combustion control systems and automatic glass cleaning in their stoves and inserts.

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In addition to wood stoves, Lacunza also offers a range of wood and gas cookers, as well as related accessories such as log stores, spark guards, and more.

Hergom stoves and fireplaces

One of the factors that makes Hergom one of the most highly valued brands is the performance of these stoves, particularly the cast iron ones. In addition to wood-burning stoves, they have models that run on pellets, one of the most modern biomass fuels available. Founded in 1960 in Santander, Spain, Hergom has grown over the years and is now well-known both in the domestic and international markets.

Estufas de lena Hergom

The company uses durable materials such as cast iron, steel, and ceramic in its products, ensuring good performance and a long lifespan.

Hergom’s product catalog includes a wide range of wood stoves, inserts, fireplaces, and boilers, as well as cooking products such as stoves and ovens. They also offer heating solutions for commercial and industrial use. The company focuses on innovation and design, which is reflected in the variety of styles and technologies available in their products.

Invicta Wood Stoves

We leave the national brands behind to visit one located in France, Invicta, although their wood stoves are sold and appreciated quite a lot in Spain, with a modern design and a long lifespan. Some of the stoves seem to be designed for a spaceship, proving that the traditional aspect of a wood stove can coexist with a more avant-garde style.

Estufas de leña Invicta


With over 50 years of experience, Edikamin is an Italian brand that has a significant international presence. In Spain, they are sold through a network of authorized distributors across the country. Although they also manufacture wood stoves, boilers, and pellet stoves are the ones that are most recognized worldwide.

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Vermont Castings Stoves

Vermont Castings is an American company specializing in the manufacturing of wood and gas stoves, as well as other heating products. Founded in 1975 in Vermont, the company has grown over the years and established itself as a leading brand in the market for high-quality heating systems with a classic and vintage design.

Estufas de lena Vermont Castings


Jøtul is a Norwegian company with a long history in the manufacturing of wood-burning stoves and other heating products. Founded in 1853 by Oluf Onsum, Jøtul is one of the oldest and most prestigious brands in the wood-burning stove industry. The company prides itself on combining craftsmanship tradition with innovation and modern technology in its products.

Jøtul wood-burning stoves are known for their durability, efficiency, and quality of construction. They are made of high-quality cast iron, which allows for better heat distribution and greater wear resistance compared to other materials. Additionally, cast iron enables Jøtul to create stoves with ornamental and stylized details, making them attractive and functional pieces in any home.

Jøtul offers a wide range of models and designs, from classic to contemporary styles, to suit different tastes and needs. Their wood-burning stoves are available in various sizes and heating capacities, making them suitable for a variety of spaces, from small houses to large living rooms.

In addition to wood-burning stoves, Jøtul also manufactures other heating products such as gas stoves and wood and gas fireplaces. The company is known for its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, and many of its stoves comply with strict emission standards in different countries.


This Danish wood-burning stove manufacturing company was founded in 1973 by Vagn Hvam Pedersen. A distinctive feature of Hwam stoves is their elegant and minimalist design, which blends well with contemporary interiors. The company offers a wide range of models and styles, including freestanding and built-in stoves, to accommodate different needs and preferences.

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estufas Hwam

Most Hwam wood stoves feature automatic combustion control systems, called Autopilot IHS, which adjust the air supply automatically to optimize combustion and ensure efficient and clean performance. This allows users to enjoy greater energy savings and lower emissions of harmful particles.

In addition, Hwam also offers stoves with patented heat storage technology, called Heat Storage System (HSS). This technology allows the stoves to store and gradually release heat over a longer period of time, thereby improving efficiency and providing a more comfortable environment.

How to choose a wood stove

Before deciding on one brand or another, it is important to know how to distinguish which model interests us. For example, here we have talked about wood stoves, which differ from fireplaces, cassettes, or inserts, although they are often thought to be the same.

Just knowing how to install a wood stove is enough to see that it’s not the same as a fireplace. The former is never embedded in the wall; instead, it is placed outside with the pipe visible, whereas a fireplace always has the pipe hidden and often is built into the wall.

Furthermore, fireplace doors are optional, although highly recommended as we have mentioned before. However, wood stoves always have a door.

Once everything is clarified, when buying a wood stove, we need to consider the material or budget we have. Sheet metal stoves heat up faster than wrought iron ones and are usually more affordable, while the latter have the advantage of providing more consistent heat and being more durable.