Hot Fire Door - Puertas para Chimeneas


You can measure your fireplace by yourself, simply and easily: we’ll explain how!


When you take the measurements, do so at various points in order to gain a more complete picture of the interior space. Use the measurements for the narrowest space as a reference, given that fireplace walls are usually irregular.

REMEMBER!!! In order to request an estimate you need to measure the fireplace and take a PHOTO, which you must attach to the form.

Before requesting an estimate or placing an order you must make a series of measurements of your fireplace. This will give us a precise idea of the size of door required and allow us to produce a correspondingly accurate estimate. Remember that we make bespoke, made-to-measure doors, so the measuring process is extremely important in order to ensure that the door fits perfectly and will also make the installation process much easier.

We always provide an estimate that includes prices with and without a burner and ash pan. We can also make double-pane doors for larger fireplaces.

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