Hot Fire Door - Puertas para Chimeneas


We’ve designed a door for your fireplace that’s easy to install and requires no structural work to be done. Plus, we send you all the materials you need to install the door yourself.

Follow the instructions we give you in our 7 simple steps. You don’t have to be a professional in order to install our bespoke doors.

Once you have installed the door we recommend that you wait 24 hours before using the fire, to give the fireproof putty time to dry and ensure the fireplace is fully sealed.

Materials and Tools

Materials we send you

Transparent vitro-ceramic plate able to withstand temperatures of up to 900ºC
Ash pan and burner (optional depending on the model chosen)
Fireproof putty for joins, able to withstand temperatures of up to 1,500ºC
Metal anchor points

Tools required

Spanner (10 mm or adjustable)
Silicone applicator gun

Paso 1- Separate

Separate the door from the frame

Separate the door from the frame

Paso 2 - Position

Position the frame so that it sits flush in the fireplace

Position the frame

Paso 3 - Mark

With a pen, mark the points where the frame will be attached

mark the points

Paso 4 - Drill

Use a drill and Ø 10 mm drill bit to make the holes

make the holes

Paso 5 - Screw

Use a spanner (13 mm or adjustable) to tighten the screws


Paso 6 - Seal

Using the putty we have provided, seal the joins around the edge of the frame (we recommend that you only do this from behind)

seal the joins

Paso 7 - Attach

Attach the door: first at the top, and then at the bottom. This is the final step: the door is now installed

Attach the door


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